How I Feel About That Review

Basically I liked it and felt it brought up some good points. I’ll have to go over it again and think on some things but here are a couple of points I can address immediately:

  1. I have a rough (I mean long-hand) draft of my book (with a different title) from around 2001 or so, and computer documents from 2002. Other draft ideas were added bit by bit over the years. So, I didn’t get this idea from Avatar, but it goes to show that this world view has been around for a while.
  2. Ok, it’s true I didn’t flesh-out Paul Rider’s character in Warlocks of Evergreen. Is it giving away too much to say readers will probably have to wait until the 3rd book to meet him, his family, and fellow believers in his cause? (He’s in the rough drafts I am working from.) I have three or four books worth at least, so it all depends on how large the current manuscript grows. What happens meanwhile? Well if you remember where we left off, our band of warlocks, half breeds, and one human are heading to the warlocks’ home, where enough is happening (hasn’t necessarily all happened yet as the manuscript changes as I’m writing it) to fill the next book, unless something unexpected comes up. More later….

Editorial Review From Self-Publishing Review.

“The world of Evergreen is everything its name implies, and more. A
living world – a truly living, sentient planet – of beauty and magic.

But there is more to this planet that meets the eye. Settlers begin to
experience changes, and lose their interest in leaving as the other
races of the strange and beautiful land begin to commune, and even
form families together. The planet plunges into war as Paul Rider, a
half-human born from colonist and native, starts a great cleansing of
non-human species. It falls to sisters Dasimbe and Cierva, as well as
their friends, to help Evergreen repel the war-monger and save their
way of life. Magic, mystery, romance, and war await in Warlocks of
Evergreen by T.I. Dunsterville.

The book is a mix of science-fiction and fantasy as the futuristic
Galactic Federal Union spreads humanity and its fellows across the
stars, leading to the ancestors of the protagonists Dasimbe and Cierva
discovering their new mother planet. An easy comparison would be to
James Cameron’s movie Avatar, to which similarities are difficult to
completely ignore. The story of an assimilate outsider joining the
“native” people (here, not-so-native) against a hostile “alien” (here,
not-so-alien) force is as old as time, of course, and drawing on the
classic outline is nothing uncommon. But this analogy does little
justice in describing the originality of this piece in other areas.

The world is vibrant and alive, standing out as something remarkably
real despite its slightly discordant component parts. The writing is
very fluent and engaging from the get-go, pushing you along through
everything you need to know to enjoy the story in a very natural way
Some characters feel a tad underdeveloped, especially through
dialogue, even the prime antagonist Paul Rider whose motivations are
far from simple, yet lack enough of a personality to really feel a
connection to his madness, and this is at odds with otherwise very
strong writing of the world.

Still, Evergreen is a huge, expansive planet that seems ripe for more
stories to come out of it, and the author agrees; Warlocks of
Evergreen is simply the debut book in the Journals of Evergreen
series, itself part of the “Central Information Assessment Module” or
“CIAM” universe the author has devised, named after the device used to
record the council session Dasimbe attends, and further functions, of

The author states she even has short stories in the works, which seem
extremely fitting for this particular universe, which fits the
sprawling tales of war as much as it does more humble yarns.

To pull back to what we already have, however, Warlocks of Evergreen
is a solid science-fantasy tale with a strong character focus and a
world that truly feels alive, both literally and figuratively and a
luscious presentation with its unique cover. It’s a strong first
showing from author Dunsterville and leaves those lucky enough to
discover this first installment with bated breath for a follow-up.”
4.5 stars

Upcoming Events

Autumn is my favorite time – and it’s going to be busy!! First of all I’m working on the next book, In the Warlocks High Realm (title may change). Then I’m working at the Franklin St. Market the next two Saturdays in the Writers Guild booth selling the local authors books including my own Warlocks of Evergreen. That takes me into September!

  1. ParksFest: Book Signing and Sales at Garvin Park festival on Sat. Sept. 10th – from 10 to 7.
  2. Funk in the City: Book Signing and Sales at Haynie’s Corner festival on Sat. Sept. 24th – from 10 to 4.
  3. TRI-CON: Book Signing and Sales at an Sci-fi/Anime convention at the Holiday Inn Airport location  – 3 days – starting on Fri. Oct. 14th at 2pm.


The first half of book II, with the same view point characters as book I, has already been through several revisions and is close to done; but the second half of book II….!!  I changed the view point characters to Gloria and Stephen (secondary characters in the first book) and am revising the chapters as I work through it. Now Dasimbe and Daniel become secondary, but still important, characters.

This is hard work!! Whole scenes, actions sequences, and the accompanying dialogue, change; while keeping to the main story line which is in the rough draft, and the “voices” are different. (Weird, hearing different voices in your head as you work.) I hope this works. It will, it must. I still haven’t decided on a title for this venture into the warlocks’ futuristic city in its icy domain, the High Tors, with its ethereal air fairy neighbors.

Progress, but Slowly

My first review from a complete stranger on Amazon!! 5 stars!! After a frustrating day yesterday in which my computer/internet messed up, I reset the modem and accomplished something today. Bookmarks and banner w/stand designed and ordered for book signings. Book signing set up with Barns & Noble on Sat. August 13th at 2pm. As soon as I find one or two people to help me cover 3 days, I’m going to try for a booth at TRI-CON (sci-fi, anime, comic, etc. convention) in October. Now, I really must get back to my writing.

Summer Update

Warlocks of Evergreen: Only two reviews so far on Amazon! Books have sold, but have they been read yet? Good, bad or mediocre; please let me know!! Several books have sold at local Saturday market and I need to buy more for local book signings. Blog radio event and local Barns & Noble book signing being arranged – will let everyone know when. If the book does well, may reissue in the future with dedication page, author photo and info., glossary and book club questions. We’ll see….Meanwhile, any comments on this idea?

The Evergreen Journals, Book II: Two week break for vacation trip and catch up at home almost over. Eager to get back to writing, and wondering what surprises my characters have in store for me. Aiming for end of year publication. Need a critique buddy in my genre!

The Exponetial Factor

My first book signing for Warlocks of Evergreen is in the Midwest Writers Guild booth at Franklin St. Market tomorrow. Who knows how that will go, but I’ll enjoy being out there amid a crowd. The book’s been on Amazon two weeks, Kindle one, and sold in a far-flung group of friends and family. It takes a lot people who have read it and liked it, for word-of-mouth interest to spread. I only know of one person who has finished it and left a review, and I can’t begin to guess how soon other readers will finish it, or what they might say to their friends. So, it’s slow to start, and may fizzle out! But I hope for an exponential spread of interest and the feed-back. I hope those reading it, enjoy it!!

No Reviews Yet!

Publishing a first book is odd. It’s exciting at times, but there are wait times and I was glad to have another book and other activities to keep me busy during the process. Then publication – very exciting to see the book in print and come up on Amazon and Kindle! But after publication, and a few books sold, there is a void! No reviews are in – yet. I have no idea if readers have enjoyed, are enjoying the book, or not. So, I’m trying to concentrate on the next book, but can’t help but wonder about those reviews….will I get some or not? This, I realize is the real waiting time; waiting for the first readers to finish the book and then spread the word for good or bad.