How I Feel About That Review

Basically I liked it and felt it brought up some good points. I’ll have to go over it again and think on some things but here are a couple of points I can address immediately:

  1. I have a rough (I mean long-hand) draft of my book (with a different title) from around 2001 or so, and computer documents from 2002. Other draft ideas were added bit by bit over the years. So, I didn’t get this idea from Avatar, but it goes to show that this world view has been around for a while.
  2. Ok, it’s true I didn’t flesh-out Paul Rider’s character in Warlocks of Evergreen. Is it giving away too much to say readers will probably have to wait until the 3rd book to meet him, his family, and fellow believers in his cause? (He’s in the rough drafts I am working from.) I have three or four books worth at least, so it all depends on how large the current manuscript grows. What happens meanwhile? Well if you remember where we left off, our band of warlocks, half breeds, and one human are heading to the warlocks’ home, where enough is happening (hasn’t necessarily all happened yet as the manuscript changes as I’m writing it) to fill the next book, unless something unexpected comes up. More later….

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