Working, Writing, Moving On

I left off writing for a few days to get some things done around here, but today I sat to write a bit before shopping. Never got to the shopping. As always, once I start writing, that’s it. Hours go by and I can’t seem to stop. 6 hrs. today so far. I think I’m done for now, but….

With two minor characters, who evolved into stronger characters in Warlocks of Evergreen, becoming main characters in the 2nd book, things in the draft are changing to suit. I have an idea of what is going to happen, several bits of plot and dialogue are cropping up ahead of where I’m at in the writing, and I know the general aim/conclusion/end, but there are still a lot of surprises. That’s the fun part, isn’t it?

Had a question today from a reader about Warlocks of Evergreen. They hadn’t read far in the book yet. Hint – the question would be answered in the book! Wouldn’t be much of a story if I gave away all the answers ahead, would it? Oh, and other points are answered in the 2nd book – it’s a series!! (Got to have some mysterious elements going onwards.)

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