What’s Next for Warlocks of Evergreen?

So…it’s on Amazon. I hope to get some reviews from readers, and that readers tell friends about the book, etc. Readers are PRECIOUS!! Thank you to those who have already purchased it! The book will be available for me to approve, or not, on Kindle, on June 13th. I promise to get to that asap!! Meanwhile: I have a lot of work to do on the next book in the series, and still haven’t decided on the title. Perhaps, The Alien Seduction? Here is the epigraph, extended from the first book:

“Basking in its solar fire, the slumbering planet crawls with incessant life. Awake not to ire the behemoth that knows you well. Tread softly the skin of a world, and learn its language before it awakes.

Awoken, it breaths, it breeds, reaching out to beguile and ensnare you. Entangled forever, borne within the planet’s matrix, you change, evolving for good or ill and aliens become Evergreen’s children.”

Remember the reviews folks, and thanks, T. I. Dunsterville

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